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T.R.U.T.H.  "The Real Underlying Thoughts of their Hearts"

 When you see me

You just walked toward me without having me notice

When i turn around, and look at me

You give me a scary face

My body shaking and won't move when i want to run

I say in my thoughts

Am i going to die in this place?

Why is this happening to me?

Who are you?

Why were you standing right front of me?

When i look in your eyes, i see something so different

like there's lonely in somewhere inside your eyes

All of sudden, i feel so sad around you

But you spoke suddenly

"I love it when you're froze and scared even you can't run away.  Im going to enjoy torture you while i can."

But im not scared anymore

I finally calm down and saying

"I'm not afraid of you, I know you're just lonely."

I grab your hand gentle

You know what i'm talking about

And i finally see your smile and say

"Yes, of course.  I would like to be your friend, so you don't have to be lonely anymore."

"Let stop the bullying cycle from people's hate, sad, jealous, angry, and etc that cause them to acting being bully."


By Rebecca Patron




Where are we now?

In a new age WAR, against video games and teen - age

Were are we now?

The parents who guide and give direction

old skool sayings "Just go OUTSIDE and play"

Instead our youth lay dormant to TV and Grand Theft Auto

Rated M for Mature

while rated R used to stop us from entering movies

Under 17 without an Adult

Where are we now.....

that we allow 7 year olds to view and change the channel(s)

without parental control

wintessing murders and killings, devious things

committing car theft and bank robbings done by their hands, 1st controller

And another parent's child an accomplice, 2nd controller

but remember, there's room for 4

Where are we now?

That the difference between TV and Real life is as thin as the line in the middle of the street

 Bullies at school don't stuff you in lockers anymore

They strip you of your clothes and shove you in a janitor's closet

no food, no water, and NOW

What else is lost?......

The trust of your parents, because you told your mother

several times, you were being teased at school

to her response "Man Up"

I am only 10 years old

Alone and cold with no one to share my story

A 10 year old boy

who shot his mother execution style

A Bullet to the head... POW!!!!

He thought he could press the RE-SET button

and she would NOT be DEAD

Where are we now?

That neither you or I know of this story because it happened in O H I O

Truth be told its right next door

and this child could be YOURS

Where are THEY now?

This Is by my bestie Mizdre Wilson



Flesh is flesh

Whether it's a dark shade of a color or light

Humongous eyes and tiny ears

Humongous eyes and tiny ears

Bright blue eyes or dull brown eyes

Muscles that you could identify from miles away or...

Fat hanging from the chin

They all suffer from a cruel concept, emontions.

From cheerful ones to depressing ones

Dividing our own kind according by colors is absurdity

That's like cutting our bodies in half

And saying one half is better than the other

Humans are humans

Every human being is priceless

A person's power is nor gained or lost by their skin color

Blame our eyes, for they identify people by their appearances

And not for what is skin deep.


Submitted by: 14 yr old - Rachel Soudakoff